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The sole purpose of this website is to exercise my freedom of speech to share my personal dealings with the public figure "Leslie Porterfield - The World's Fastest Woman on a Motorcycle".

( Even her title is inaccurate. Trillium Muir is truely the fastest. That doesn't keep Leslie Porterfield from still claiming and using the title, though.)


Is Leslie Porterfield using our love of 2 wheels as a vehicle to line her pockets by misrepresenting items she sales through her store? - Read on!

Please keep in mind that as you read this, Al of Al Lamba's Honda and LP were once in a realtionship.

As I understand it, High Five Cycles, Leslie's Store, is the old Dallas Honda store. So it's easy to see the 3 entities have a close relationship.

I think that makes the comments of the Dallas Honda Employee that much more shocking and damning.


The first part of 2013 I purchased an ohlins rear shock and a set of ohlins front forks from ebayer "dallashonda2011".

The front forks were listed as new:

While the rear shock was not - it had been used (and shortened) on Leslie Porterfield's LSR motorcycle:

The rear shock was sent off to be gone through and put back to stock length. The front forks, since they were "new" were sent off to my builder in Alabama who was building the engine and installing a turbo on my 2011 Hayabusa.

I picked up my bike the middle of the year and the first thing I noticed was how low the front suspension rode. After working with a Ohlins USA tech (the same one who rebuilt my rear shock) we determined that the front forks had been shortened just as the rear shock had been. They were no where near "new".

Unfortunately, due to the lenght of my build time, I had exceeded the time allowed to return through ebay. I dropped "Al Lamb's Dallas Honda" an email via ebay and started conversing with *****.

He apoligized that the forks had been shortened:

. . . and seemed open to my offer to share the cost to repair:

Imagine my surprise when Leslie Portfield dismissed my issue without even so much as an apology.

After their response, I was at a loss

He responded with some rather strong feelings

Once again, Joe and Al's Honda are stepping up - but are struck down my LP

Of course LP had to keep things 'hot'

Her response seemed to rile Joe up a bit!

He's getting pretty hot! I faned the flames a bit, after calling LP on the phone. Our conversation started out plesent enough. Even talking about our kids. It didn't take her very long to become venomous though once the topic of my forks came up. She denied every talking to anyone about my issue, and denied that the forks were every shorted. She did admit of course that the rear shock which I bought at the same time was 'of course' shortened. I got the distinct feeling that she could switch between nice and, um . . . not so nice in a heartbeat. My experience was that beauty was only skin deep. It gets nasty below that.

First, let me say that the individual I was dealing with at "Al Lamb's Dallas Honda" went above and beyond in trying to difuse the situation. He said that they were simply selling the items for Leslie Porterfield and listed them as she instructed as a favor. I would not hesitate to buy from "Al Lamb's Dallas Honda" a bit. They just find themselves in a tough spot due to their relationship with Leslie Porterfield.

I'm not without blame here. I should have had the front forks checked after the purchase. I trusted Leslie Porterfield which obviously was a mistake. It isn't so much that Leslie Porterfield sold me a set of used forks as new forks (or the money to repair them), but more so the way she treated a fellow motorcylist by blowing me off through an employee without even an apology over their "mistake". She still continds they were knew even though she sold them for much less than new and the same mod they had she admits her rear shock had. Quicidence? I don't think so. She offered to refund my money, but not the $500 I put into the shocks. I told her I'd trade for a new set of shocks. She said no. I said I'd still split it with her (150 her, 150 Dallas Honda, 150 me) and she said no. So, I'm out $500. I still have a new 'now' set of shock, so I'll be ok. I also will be able to smile as I keep this up and it grabs google traffic. I didn't count how many lies I caught Leslie Porterfield in, I'll let you do that.

Has the title of "First Lady of Speed" or any of the other numerous nicknames gone to her head?

Does she think she's better than the average motorcyclest?

Is she using our love of 2 wheels as a vehicle to line her pockets by misrepresenting items she sales through her store?

You'll have to ask her that. Good luck getting a response.

I should have done more research. Her motorcycle business, High Five Cycles isn't even BBB accredited



Perhaps expecting her to act with class is a lost cause. Consider how she uses the naked bodies of other women for props to drive traffic. Can you imagine taking your child in to that store?


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